Saturated robbed Me Waiting

Saturated robbed Me Waiting.

Ruth always looked glanced at his watch, which is now showing exactly five o'clock. Approximately long hours she sat alone on the edge of the green lake. Maybe there is someone very important that he is waiting.

"Ris, you really have not come anyway." Ruth inner restless, awaiting the arrival of Haris who has not seen his nose.

While the day began to grow dusk. The sun began to highlight a seat Ruth and her eyes began to dazzle. Uneasiness he felt now turned into saturated. Who the hell is the person most at home if told to wait?

"Ris, you are evil! I've struggled to get to the edge of the lake. But you just let me wait so long. You Ris evil!"

Flashed in his mind for a moment, about their conversation via cell phone last night.

"What, you're pregnant!" Harris shouted across the phone.
"Yeah, Ris. I was pregnant with you, you have the responsibility Ris! "Ruth shaking hands holding his cell phone, he could no longer hold back her tears.
"Relax dear, I definitely responsibility. Tomorrow at 10am we meet ya at the edge of the lake. "
"You promise ya gonna come."
"I promise."

Now the promises remained promises. Although all deprived by saturated. That awaited never came.

Silent Heart Poetry

Silent Heart Poetry

It has been so in the present relationship
But I never want to stop
To obtain a pure gift of love
Which has been so long I later
Until the fall of the day

Day after day I have been through
With all of my solitude now
Just waiting segores love story
Of the morning sun

Restless roar enveloped
The liver was not imaginary just shut forehead
To cover up the pain this
Until now the bloom is back

Fragility of One Word Love

Fragility of One Word Love

This restless all rasaku
Always envelop body and mind
But all that has restored my body
Along the way my brain dengn
And that's just for you
O lover in my action

Dream-studded mystery millions
In the arms of the goddess
Penetrate deep within
Develop divine passion

Shadow by shadow has been exceeded
Always beautifully neatly stored in memory
With a little seasoning admire love
Of a goddess who is always me later
Dimanisnya live in this world

Love Poems Heart

Love Poems Heart

White above the temple inscribed the words
The story of his heart period
Splashing in the scratch wound
That is not visible to the eye so swift
But what is the way her away

Issued a lightning strike fire
In the liver that are sparkling outages
Does not know which one he was wearing
Only in accordance with the wishes and behavior

Wounds of the Past
Times are used to it
Just experiment between the sacred love
With a love that moment helatan
Although the pain makes his heart
But that's the beauty of love

Love is sometimes not able to put together
To get the love that he wants
If this were he had to do
Sometimes this is just a trap merely
That could make a silent eyes

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