Why Vegans Don't Eat Eggs

As a prospective vegan, you may be wondering exactly why vegans make the dietary choices they make. And you may also be hesitant to adopt these choices until you your self understand and accept them. In this article, I will explain the two major vegetarian positions on eating eggs to help you make your decision.

The sub-category of vegetarian I will cover, ovo-vegetarians, accept the normal consumption of eggs because they do not believe that doing so conflicts with an ethical vegetarian diet. They do not see eggs as living things and subsequently do not make the connection between consuming eggs and causing animal suffering or death.

In addition to this, many ovo-vegetarians see complete veganism as limiting their options unnecessarily, especially when eggs are an excellent source of complete protein and a viable nutritional alternative to meat. Many vegetarians who do consume eggs opt for "free range" eggs over normal--or "battery"--eggs. This is usually out of ethical concern for the treatment of egg-laying hens.

Vegans, by contrast, do not consume eggs normally and generally oppose the institution altogether. They argue that purchasing "battery hen" eggs supports an institution that cages up to nine birds together, debeaks them, and forces them to continually lay eggs until they are calcium - depleted and on the verge of death--at which point, they are slaughtered.

In addition, vegans also go further to disapprove of "free range" eggs, which do not require a hen to be caged. They argue that most free range hens are actually packed into houses, where they have minimal access to the outside.

They also note that even producing "free range" eggs requires having fertile eggs--half of which will hatch into
male chicks, which will then be slaughtered after birth or fed to a certain weight only to be culled. In addition to these two positions, there are also vegetarians who don’t consume eggs for other reasons. Some of these vegetarians don’t eat eggs because they are high in cholesterol; and others do not consume them because they believe that the animal farming institution contributes to environmental degradation.

Take some time to determine where you stand--ethically and nutritionally--and then make your decision from there.

Why Vegans Don't Consume Dairy Products

As with most dietary questions, vegans are split on the issue of dairy products--not so much on the question
of whether or not they are acceptable, but instead for what reasons they should not be consumed. All vegans (or at least true vegans) abstain from consuming dairy products. Some do so for nutritional reasons, others abstain for ethical reasons.

Those who do it for nutritional reasons cite a range of health problems related to the consumption of dairy products, including high cholesterol. Many also have a problem digesting lactose or have a blood-iron or diabetic problem related to milk protein, casein. In addition to this, milk and cheese often contain small portions of undesirable hormones that are added to dairy cow feeds to increase production.

Those who abstain from consuming dairy products for ethical reasons also have a range of reasons for doing so.

Some cite the poor treatment of dairy cows as a main reason for not consuming milk and cheese. They note that dairy cows are forced to become pregnant once each year to maintain a constantly high yield of milk. They are also fed numerous steroids to increase production. Others who abstain for ethical reasons often cite the maltreatment of dairy cow offspring. They note that calves are not allowed to spend time with or suckle from the mother, but instead are prematurely removed to be reared for either veal production, beef production, or as replacement dairy cows.

The calves selected for "veal" production are often forced to live in crates so tiny that they cannot turn around. They must face in one direction; they cannot groom themeselves; and they are fed hormone-laden feed until they are sent off to be slaughtered.

If you are a prospective vegan, you may want to take some time now to think about what is best for you. Ask your self whether you wanted to become a vegan for ethical reasons, dietary reasons, or both. And from there, determine whether or not these arguments were strong enough to compel you to do so. Either way, you should emerge with a stronger viewpoint and a better understanding of what you do and do not want.

Are You Using Cash Advances Properly?

A cash advance that isn’t used properly will usually lead to a lot of trouble for you, and if you were using this cash advance to pay a bill then you will also end up in a lot of trouble from the billing company. If you get the cash advance and blow it on something that isn’t relevant to the reason why you got the cash advance, then that spells trouble; however, the cash advance company doesn’t care how you spend the money just so long as you can give them the repayments that they have laid out for you, then they don’t mind that you could be in a mountain of debt, all they want is the money just like every other company that may be on your back.

You have to use a cash advance carefully or you will end up with more companies on your back and no way out except for a bigger cash advance or maybe even a loan. You don’t want to take the money from the cash advance company and then spend it recklessly on something that you like or something entirely different compared to what you had in mind for the cash in the first place.

If you use a cash advance properly, then it may very well be the only time that you need to borrow the cash from a cash advance company, and you will be safe from any kinds of debt that you may have hanging over your head. But if used incorrectly, then you will find that you will need the cash advance companies help again and again; this will result in the worst credit history that you could possibly imagine, and we all know that a bad credit history will hang over your head for a long time to come resulting in a tough future for you all thanks to you not using a cash advance properly. So use the cash advance carefully, it may be the only time that you need a cash advance.

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Are Cash Advance Agencies Accredited?

When you are looking for a cash advance loan you will not want to just go with the first company that you find. You will want to get the best possible deal for you and one that will not take you long to repay. Cash advance agencies are not there to trick you and to hit you unexpectedly with high interest rates or mislead you, they are companies that will treat you fairly and provide you with help. But there are companies out there that will not do this, these kinds of companies are more widely advertised then the other companies and that is not good news for the consumer.

Companies out to trick you will not be willing to understand if you miss a payment and will hit you with higher interest on your next payment, or may even add more on to the repayment so that you will be paying more for months to come. This is why consumers must be cautious when dealing with cash advance companies some will be willing to help you and will not hit you with a huge interest charge for a missed payment. They will add an interest charge on of course, but it won't be as high as a company that is giving this industry a black eye for its poor customer support and unfair interest rates.

If you are thinking of going for a cash advance or payday loan then talk to your friends and see if they have ever gone for one of these and see what company they went with; it can be very helpful to get some reliable information from a friend. If they went with a company that they liked and they were helpful, then they are recommending them for that reason and you should take that kind of helpful information on board when making a final decision about a cash advance loan or payday loan.

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